2nd December 2020

25th Year Anniversary 1995-2020 


The recording of the meeting is availble by clicking this link:


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Since 1995 AWSELVA has brought together experts from the fields of animal welfare science, ethics research, veterinary medicine, forensic science and the law to discuss, research and further ideas in these fields. Back in the 1990s practical animal welfare was a nascent subject area, under-represented in education courses and much lower down the agenda than it is now. By 2020 animal welfare and related subjects are popular courses and fundamental to mainstream veterinary education. Welfare has expanded beyond the veterinary field and is relevant to many related fields, all inputting and furthering our knowledge and directly benefitting the animals in our care. The founders of AWSELVA were pioneers of adding welfare to the veterinary curriculum and bringing together the various fields that contribute to the practical improvement of animal keeping and our interactions with animals. 




Keynote session Welcome and introduction: Siobhan Mullan (Chair)
Where it all began: How historical human-animal interactions influence animal welfare today: Professor James Serpell, University of Pennsylvania
Questions for James Serpell
Reflections on developments in AWSEL in the last 25 years
Developments in the Law: Mike Radford, University of Aberdeen
Developments in Animal Welfare Science: Professor Donald Broom, university of Cambridge
Developments in Ethics: David Morton, University of Birmingham
Voting on priorities for the future