Veterinary Ethics Conference 2023



Debates and reflections on ethical issues of the veterinary profession, which were once marginal, are gaining momentum. VETERINARY ETHICS, as a field of applied ethics, attends to these debates by reflecting on ethical challenges and providing space for discussions with veterinary professionals and students. Consequently, VETERINARY ETHICS has been institutionalized as a multifaceted and multibranched field encompassing both empirical and normative ethics, and related methodological issues. Further, the field contributes to the development and implementation of ethical standards and codes of conduct that do not only provide orientation for veterinary professionals, but also promote and protect the profession’s integrity.

The VETERINARY ETHICS conference 2023 in Vienna will focus on these various tasks and responsibilities placed on the field of VETERINARY ETHICS as both an academic discipline and a practical profession. This focus enables a knowledge transfer among researchers working in the various branches of VETERINARY ETHICS, and goes beyond the academic borders by facilitating conversations between researchers, veterinary professionals as well as representatives of the veterinary profession and its associations. It is the overall aim of the VETERINARY ETHICS conference 2023 to further institutionalize the field of VETERINARY ETHICS by focusing debates on recent developments as well as current and future potentials and possible challenges.