17th November 2023

Veterinary Forensics Conference


1st December 2022

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EFSA has now published its latest recommendations on calf welfare
Welfare of calves | EFSA via @EFSA_EU


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This section contains member articles, opinion pieces, blogs and other content on the topic of animal welfare science, ethics and law. We welcome relevant, topical content from any interested person. Please submit your article/blog/opinion piece via the Contact form. 

Guest PostsRSPCA/Bristol Uni/HBC for Life/UCD24th November 2022

Equine Welfare Survey

We are conducting a survey to understand the management, ownership, population & welfare of equines in England & Wales...

Guest PostsClaire Corridan20th October 2022

Meeting Report

The New Irish Veterinary Behaviour Association Honours a Historic Giant of the Veterinary Profession

Guest PostsDavid Morton19th October 2022

Book Review

Animals, Ethics and Us: a veterinarian’s view of human animal interactions by Madeleine L.H. Campbell

Guest PostsJohn and Margaret Cooper9th December 2021

Member Article

'How good is your forensic medicine?' John E. Cooper and Margaret E. Cooper ask whether you and your practice are prepared

Guest PostsYuki Otani15th November 2021

New survey on attitudes to animal welfare

International Survey Attitude towards Animal Welfare in the UK and Japan This survey explores the views of veterinarians and scientists on animal behaviour/welfare, between the UK and Japan, with the aim of constructing effective strategies for improving animal welfare in both countries. This study is a collaborative study between the University of Edinburgh in the UK and Hokkaido University in Japan.

Watch Again: AWSELVA Winter 2021 Conference

Trophy Hunting: The Impacts on Animals and People