Vets welcome new Agriculture Bill that will see ‘inhumane’ pest control devices banned in Wales

BVA has warmly welcomed the Welsh Government’s first Welsh Agriculture Bill, which includes a commitment for a complete ban on the use of rodent glue traps and snares in Wales.

The landmark Bill will embed Sustainable Land Management (SLM) goals into Welsh agriculture and give Welsh Ministers the power to provide support for these goals. How this support is delivered will be defined by the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS). BVA responded to the consultations during the development of this scheme, and BVA representatives are involved in the working group looking at the next stage.

Commenting on the Bill, British Veterinary Association Welsh Branch President Collin Willson said:

“This is a landmark piece of legislation which represents a great opportunity to reform the way farmers in Wales receive support. We are particularly pleased to see specific recognition within the Sustainable Land Management goals of the need for high standards of animal health and welfare...